The Author


Bruce Sullivan CSP
Keynote Speaker, Author & Business Leader
(CSP is the highest possible international qualification

& accreditation for professional speakers)
2007 National Speakers Keynote Presenter of the Year
Author: Hannah’s Christmas Gift, 1 Life Journal, Rippa!


Bruce at Work

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Bruce Sullivan is known worldwide as an authority on relationships and personal motivation.

His energetic and interactive style ensures that an audience will not only be entertained but will also take away proven practical strategies for improving relationships at home and at work.

Bruce brings to the professional speaking environment a diverse and successful career. Managing his own businesses since his teens, he has confirmed his business acumen in the areas of retailing, service, wholesale operations and real estate. By age 24 he had established his own million-dollar network of businesses.

Bruce is currently a director of six companies, a husband for twenty-two years and father of two children. His unique understanding of how we relate to one another in the workplace and at home, combined with his practical experience in the worlds of sport, business and the community, is what sets his work apart and gives a very practical and timely insight into the human side of the corporate environment.

If you would like to learn more about Bruce or to book him for your next conference please visit or phone

+ 61 7 3268 3111.


Bruce at Home

Bruce Sullivan is also a husband to Gillian for 22 years and father to Hannah aged 11 and Declan aged 8. His life is evidence to what he teaches from the platform, with his time shared with family and friends, business and the community (and in that order). To compensate for the travel that he does for work, Bruce schedules 8 weeks of annual leave each year to coincide with school holidays. This ensures a healthy balance and that family stays at the top of his priority list. The Sullivan family love to travel and make the most of every opportunity to go exploring.

Second to his family, his personal passions centre around education and making a positive difference through his work in both business and in the community. By combining his experiences with family, business and the community Bruce brings a refreshing and practical response to the issues that affect all three and their impact on each other.

Bruce has a huge list of goals that he is working through each year and the energy he brings to almost every day is one based on the fact that he knows that one day the “pulse will be gone” and his turn will be over.

He enjoys anything to do with water whether it is on it (boating), in it (swimming) or under it (diving) and he has been involved in learning and teaching martial arts in the disciplines of Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu for over 20 years. Bruce still plays competitive soccer, enjoys a hit of tennis and gets through one game of golf a year. He has also held his Private Pilot Licence since 1996 which was a goal he completed after resigning to the fact that he was getting too old to be an astronaut!

When asked if he gets it right every time he admits that, “as soon as I find the perfect relationship and I join it… it’s not perfect anymore.” He does however go on to say that, “The goal is not perfection but a genuine desire to improve your own effectiveness and how you interact with your family, your business and your community. Imagine if every year you could look back over your life and clearly and easily identify the areas of your life that you are now more effective in and more importantly, what you did specifically to make those improvements!”