The Book

What were the first thoughts that ran through your mind this morning as you awoke from your sleep?

The first thought that will go through the typical four-year-old’s mind as soon as they wake up is, “Rippa!” Under normal circumstances, they bounce out of bed knowing that waking up means a brand new day to discover, play and learn!

In fact, parents who have had first-hand experience will know that most of the time sleep is not welcome, either at night or in the morning. Can’t I just stay up and continue to explore this amazing world?

So if the first thought to go through the typical four-year-old mind is “Rippa”, then how is that different from that of the typical adult?

Sadly, when most adults wake up and consciousness arrives and their eyes start to open the whingeing and complaining starts.

If you want to increase your energy levels to make sure that you can achieve what’s really important in your life then you need to read this book. Bruce Sullivan’s simple messages will challenge you to add more energy to you life and relationships rather than take it away.

$10.00 from every book sold will be donated to the Make A Wish Australia.
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